Publication of the faculty members of the department:

The faculty members of Microbiology have already published a total of 20 papers both in international & national indexed journals in last three years. The faculty members have contributed chapters in books and various articles in papers.

Few Faculty members have been awarded with best paper awarded for their research

Ongoing research projects:
  1. A study of Helicobacter pylori in cases of peptic ulcer disease.

  2. A study of ESBL and ampC Beta-lactmases producing escherichia coli isolates in a tertiary care hospital.

  3. A study of vancomycin susceptibility in staphylococcus aureus clinical isolates by microbrooth dilution method.

  4. To detect carbapenem resistance in clinical isolates of escherchia coli and klebsiella species in a tertiary care hospital.

  5. A study of bacterial spectrum of ventilator associated pneumonia at a tertiary care hospital.

  6. To determine prevalence of genital Chlamydia trachomatis in women in Meerut city

  7. Effect of Turmeric extract on Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria

  8. Detection of drug resistance in clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by DNA sequencing

  9. Detection, molecular characterization of extended spectrum ß lactamase enzymes in clinical isolates of E. coli and to study their antibiotic therapy

  10. Evaluation of line probe assay to assess drug susceptibility of mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates

  11. Molecular characterization of ESBL’s produced by Klebsiella pneumonie isolates from UTI

List of Publications
(Last three years)
S. No.AuthorsTopicJournalVol. & Page No.Whether the Journal is indexed
1. V. sardana, A. Pandey, M.Madan, S.P.Goel, Ashish K. Asthana Neonatal candidemia: A changing trend Ind. J. Path. Microbiol. 2012 Indexed Journal
2. A. Pandey, V. Bansal, A. K. Asthana, V. Trivedi, Molly Madan, A. Das Maxillary Osteomyelitis by Mucormycosis: report of 4 cases Int. J. Infect. Dis., 2011 Vol. 15, 66-69 Indexed Journal
3. A. Kumar, A Mehta., Kavathia G., Madam M. Pulmonary & extra pulmonary tuberculosis along with Nocardiosis in patient with HIV infection J. Clin. Diag. Res. , 2011 Vol. 5, No. 1, 109-111 Indexed Journal
4. A. Kumar, Pandey S., Madam M., Kavathia G. Keratomycosis with superadded bacterial infection due to corticosteroid abuse – A case report J. Clin. Diag. Res. , 2010 Vol. 4, 2918 – 2921 Indexed Journal
5. A Pandey, A.K. Asthana, R. Tiwari, Lalit Kumar, Molly Madan Physician Accessories: Doctor what you carry is every patients worry? Indian J. Pathology Microbiology, 2010 Vol. 53, No. 4, 711 – 713 Indexed Journal
6. A Das, A Pandey, M Madan, Ashish K. Asthana, A Gautam Accidental Intestinal Myiasis Caused by Genus Sarcophaga Ind. J. Med. Microbiology 2010 Vol.28, No.2, 176-178 Indexed Journal
7. A.Das, B.Behera, M.Madan, P.Mathur, A. Pandey Empyema caused by optochin sensitive Streptococcus mitis in the course of veri cella Ind. J. Pediatric, 2010 Vol. 77, No.4, 464 Indexed Journal
8. T. Taneja, S.Saxena, A.Pandey, V.Bansal, P. Agarwal Aspergillosis involving maxillary sinus-a report of two cases International J Oral Medical Sciences, 2010 Vol. 9, No. 1, 42 - 47 Indexed Journal
9. Dilip M., Douglas J., Ronald n., Jan M., John T., Helio S. Molly Madan Activity of daptomycin against Gram positive bacterial isolates from Indian medical centers (2006 – 2007) Int. J. Antimicrob. Agents 2010 Vol., 34, No. 5, 497 – 499 Indexed Journal
10. Uma Banerjee Clinical profile of Cryptococosis in India Cryptococcus neoformans Vol. 2 Publisher: American Society Microbiol.
11. Anita Pandey, Molly Madan, Ashish Kr. Asthana, Anupam Das, Sandeep Kumar & Kirti Jain External ophthalmomyiasis caused by O. ovis: A rare case report Korean Journal of Parasitology March 2009 Vol.47 No.1, 11-15 Indexed Journal
12. Anita Pandey, Molly Madan, Ashish Kr. Asthana Ritu Kansal, Anupam Das Cold acid fast staining method: Efficacy in diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis African Journal of Microbiology Research July 2009 Vol. 3, No. 546-549 Indexed Journal
13. Anita Pandey, Ashish K. Asthana Sedimentation method, A good alternative to anti centrifugation for concentration of Acid Fast Bacilli in developing countries: A preliminary study from western Utter Pradesh Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology Jan to March 2009 Vol. 27, No.1, 83-84 Indexed Journal
14. Ritu Kansal, Anita Pandey, Ashish K. Asthana β–lactamase producing Acinetobacter species in hospitalized patients: A preliminary study from Meerut city. Indian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology 2009 Vol 52 No.3, 456-457 Indexed Journal
15. Vivek Rana, Suhel Manzoor Baba, Anita Pandey Bacteriology of infected decidual root canal- A view People Journal of Dental Research 2009 Vol. 2, No. 45-48 Indexed Journal
16. Uma Banerjee Opportunistic pathogenic yeast. Biodiversity of Yeast, 2009 Publisher: Springer Ltd.
17. Sanjay Kumar, R. Sharma,A.K. Saxena, Anita Pandey, P Gautam, R. Jain A study of bacterial flora and senstivity to antibiotic in cases of CSOM TTD in western UP Indian Journal of Otology 2008 Vol. 14, 20-24 Indexed Journal
18. Vivek Rana, Ashish Kr. Asthana, Anita Pandey Decontamination of gutta – percha cones with different chemical agents International Journal of Chemical Science 2008 Vol.6, No.3, 1455-1462 Indexed Journal
19. Capoor M.R., Handel P, Nair D., Aggarwal P., Banerjee U. Current scenario of Cryptococcus & antifungal susceptibility pattern in India: A cause for reappraisal Mycoses, 2008 Vol. 51 No. 3, 258 – 265. Indexed Journal
20. Anupam Das, Ritu Kansal, Ashish K. Asthana, Anita Pandey & Molly Madan e- Fomites Ann. Biol. Sci.,2011 Vol. 2, No. 2, 111-115 Indexed Journal