• Dept. indulge itself in research activities by taking up various projects which are contemporary in medical practice. Each faculty is assigned dept. research project after discussing such projects threadware in the Dept. meetings. This research work is conducted over & above the thesis work assigned to each MD Anaesthesia residents after duly approved by university research committee.
  • Every year Dept. is able to publish 12 – 15 research papers is various national & international journals over the last three years dept. has published 37 papers.
  • There is central research lab established in Medical College Campus under chairman of Principal, Subharti Medical College.

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  • Dept. has created a New Museum which is envy to other Depts. It is always shown to any MCI inspector or any other dignitary visiting college.
  • New “CPR Lab” to undertake CPR training coursed for Doctors / Residents / Interns / Non Teaching Staff & Other Corporate / Community is established recently. It is to be recognized as ‘ITC’ by American Heart Association (AHA) subsequently.

  • Dept. has organized State Level CME (ISA Sponsored) in April 2011 with Dr. Deepak Malviya, ISA President in attendance as Chief Guest.

  • Another ISA Sponsored CME is being organized in October 2013.
  • Dr. (Brig.) V.P. Singh, Prof. & Head is elected President of ISA Meerut City Branch during the current year.

  • Dept. Library has all standard text books of Anaesthesia with latest editions.
  • No. of Books : Anaesthesia – 72 + Critical Care - 19 + Pain Clinic – 11 + Allied – 47 + Recent – 27 + Donated – 22 = 198
  • It has all Indian Journals and 05 International Journals with latest issues (Anaesthesiology, Canadian J. of Anaesthesiology, British Journal of Anaesthesia, Anaesthesiology Clinics of North America, Saudi Journal of Anaesthesia.

  • A new cardiac center is coming up next to OT building. The building is ready and likely to be commissioned in another 6-8 months time.
  • Cardiac surgery programme will be launched and Dept. of Anaesthesiology will be actively involved in managing cardiac surgery cases peri operatively.
  • Dept. has already projected the need for trans oesphageal echo Cardiography (TEE) machine beside other equipment required for raising a cardiac Anaesthesia facilities.