Research Publications of Faculty members:

List of publications during the last 3 years:
  1. Histomorpholoigical study of coronary arteries. Priti Sinha, S.L. Jethani, Namita, Journal of Anatomical Society of India. 58 (2), Dec. 2009 (166-168)
  2. Prevalence of Spina Bifida in atlas with and without occipitalization – A comparative study Archana Sharma, Vishnu Gupta, Kuldeep Singh, Shilpi Jain, Satyam KhareJournal of advance researches in biological sciences. 1 (2), Dec. 2009, (115-119)
  3. Effect of acetaminophen and ibuprofen on Histology of Liver- A comparative study Satyam Khare, Shilpi Jain, Anjali Khare, Atul Krishna, Shilpa Rahamatkar Journal of Anatomical Sciences 17 (2), Dec. 2009 (50-54)
  4. Lip prints as a method of identification in human beings. Bindal U, Jethani SL, Mehrotra N, Rohatgi RK Arora M, Sinha P Journal of Anatomical Society of India. 58 (2), Dec. 2009, (152-155)
  5. Radiological correlation of vascularity of scaphoid bone Shilpi Jain, Satyam Khare, Rashmi Ghai, Mukesh Singla, Priti Sinha, Mukta Mittal. Journal of Anatomical sciences 17 (2), Dec. 2009 (66-71)
  6. Histological profile of duodenum in cadmium chloride toxicity-An experimental study in albino rats.Vishnu Gupta, Kuldeep Singh, Archana Sharma, Shilpi Jain Journal of advance researches in Biological sciences 2009 1(2) 137-142
  7. Endoscopic anatomy of anterior abdomen wall for laparoscopic mesh Repair. Nivesh Agarwal, Satyam Khare, Ashutosh Niranjan, Richa Kansal, Shilpi Jain, Shaleen Agarwal Journal of Anatomical Sciences 17(2) Dec 2009, (84-89)
  8. Clinical correlation of vascularity of scaphoid bone. Shilpi Jain,Satyam Khare,D.K. Sirohi,Archana Sharma, Journal of Anatomical sciences of India, 59(1), 2010 (27-31)
  9. Newborn with tail – A genetic throwback. R Kansal, N Agarwal,S Khare, A Khare, S Jain, BM Singhal People’s journal of scientific research. 3(1) January 2010 (15-17)
  10. Histopathological changes in arrector pili muscle of normal appearing skin in leprosy patients. Virendra Budhiraja, Rakhi Rastogi, Satyam Khare, Anjali Khare, Arvind Krishna. International Journal of infectious diseases (Canada) 14(5), 2010 (70e-72e)
  11. Anatomical variations in Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve important risk factors for injury during thyroid surgery. Basnl Mohan Singhal, Sanjay Pandey, Nevesh Agarwal, Satyam Khare. Journal of Anatomical Sciences 18(1) 15-21 June 2010
  12. Transverse cerebellar diameter – A marker for estimation of gestational age. Prabhat Goel, Mukesh Singla, Rashmi Ghai, Shilpi Jain, Virendra Budhiraja, C.S. Ramesh Babu. Journal of Anatomical Society of India.59(2), December 2010, (158-161).
  13. Variations in internal Morphology of the Gall Bladder. Fulzele RR, Rajguru J. The Journal of Datta Meghe Institute of Medical sciences University 5(4) Dec 2010 (211-214)
  14. Ultrasonographic measurement of Biparietal diameter & its correlation to gestational age in Garhwali population. Rashmi Ghai, Mukesh Singla, Prabhat Goel, Satyam Khare, Shilpi Jain, Shaleen Agarwal Indian Journal of Public Health research & development. 2 (1), Jan-June 2011(74-77)
  15. Facial Index in adult Indian Punjabi male Jat Sikhs & Banias.Mukesh Singla, Prabhat Goel, Rashmi Ghai, Satyam Khare, Shilpi Jain, International Journal of Public health Research & development. 2 (1), Jan-June 2011(52-56)
  16. Morphological analysis of cholecystectomy specimens. Sangeeta sharma, Rani Bansal, Anjali Khare, Priti Sinha, Suprabha Sharma, Mirza Shabnam. Journal of Anatomical sciences 19 (1 ) June 2011, (16-21)
  17. Significant Liver Toxicity in Albino Rats upon oral aluminium administration: A Serious public Health Implication Deepa Rani Agarwal, Shilpi Jain. Journal of Anatomical society of India 60(1), June 2011(46-49)
  18. Anatomic Consideration in placement of central venous catheters- A cadaveric study- Comparison of supraclavicular anterior and posterior internal jugular venous approachSatyam Khare,Nivesh Agarwal, Shilpi Jain, Shaleen Agarwal, Journal of Anatomical society of India 60(1) June 2011 (26-30)
  19. Mini Inclinometer- A new effective and simple device to measure small angles- Mukesh Singla, Satyam Khare,Shilpi Jain, Rashmi Ghai, Onkar Singh- Journal of Anatomical society of India 60(2) Dec. 2011
  20. Concurrent variations of median musculocutaneous nerve and their clinical correlation- A cadaveric study: Virendra Budhiraja, Rakhi Rastogi, Ajay Kumar Asthana, Prit Sinha, Atul Krishna, Vikas Trivedi – Italian journal of Anatomy and embryology 116(2) 2011( 67-72)
  21. A Study of lumbar canal by MRI in Clinically symptomatic and asymptomatic subject. Tanvir Ahmad, Prabhat Goel, C.S. Ramesh Babu, Journal of Anatomical society of India 60(2) Dec. 2011
  22. Gantzer muscle compressing the anterior interosseous nerve: A rare case report: Hina nafees, Satyam Khare, Prabhat Goel, Priti Sinha, Dr. Aparna Dixit. Journal of Anatomical Sciences 19(2): Dec. 2011,27-29.
  23. Duplication of optic canal in human skulls. Rashmi Ghai,Priti Sinha, Jaba Rajguru, Shilpi Jain, Satyam Khare, Mukesh Singla, Journal of Anatomical Society of India 61(1) 33-36 (2012.
  24. Variations in external morphology of Gall Bladder, Jaba Rajguru, Satyam Khare. Shilpi Jain, Rashmi Ghai, Mukesh Singla, Prabhat Goel. Journal of Anatomical Society of India 61(1) 9-12 June 2012
  25. Usage of Multimedia Learning Modules for teaching human microanatomy and its assessment through USCA/OSCEShilpi Jain, Satyam Khare, A.K. Asthana, Bhawna Pant,R.K. Kaushik, Indian journal of Public Health Research & development July- Sep. 2012 Vol. 3 No.3.
  26. Multilocular thymic cyst mimicking Lymphangioma – A case report . Anjali Khare, Rani Bansal , Sangeeta Sharma,Satyam Khare, Shilpi Bhargava, Aditi Gupta. Journal of Anatomical sciences 20(1) 36-38 June 2012.
  27. Study of Position, Shape, and size of mental foramen utilizing various parameters in dry adult human mandibles from north India. Virendra Budhiraja, Rakhi Rastogi, Rekha Lalwani,Prabhat Goel, Subhash Chandra Bose. Hindawi Publishing Corporation. Volume 2013, Article ID 961429, 5 Pages.
  28. Major primary congenital coronary artery anomalies: An angiographic study. Priti Sinha, Sanjeev Saxena, SL Jethani,Satyam Khare, Shilpi Jain, Namita Mehrotra, Journal of Anatomical society of India 61(2) 172-176, Dec 2012
  29. Cervical rib: Its prevalence in Indian Population around Lucknow (UP) Antima Gupta, DP Gupta, DK Saxena, R.P Gupta. Journal of Anatomical Society of India (61(2)182-191 Dec 2012
  30. Histopathological study of placental villi in pre eclampsia – A quantitative study, Hina Nafees, Shilpi Jain, Satyam Khare, Anjali Khare, Richa Kansal, Journal of Anatomical society of India 61(2) 159-162 Dec 2012
  31. Supernumerary Renal arteries and their embryological and clinical correlation: A Cadaveric study from North India. Virendra Budhiraja, Rakhi Rastogi, Vaibhav Anjankav, C.S. Ramesh Babu, Prabhat Goel. ISRN Anatomy 2013 Article I.D. 405712, 4 pages
  32. Study of Placenta in Hellp syndrome patient: A case report.Hina Nafees, Satyam Khare, Shilpi Jain, Anjali Khare, Richa Kansal. Peoples Journal of Scientific Research 6(1) 43-45. Jan 2013
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A.K. Asthana, Satyam Khare, R.K. Kaushik, PEEPEE Publishers and Distributors.

Other Academic activities apart from teaching:
  1. The department has Conducted UP chapter of Anatomical society of India in 2002, where Dr. Satyam Khare (The present head of department) was elected secretary cum treasurer for 3 years.
  2. UP Chapter of Anatomical society of India in 2006, was again conducted at Subharti where Dr. Satyam Khare was elected President of the state chapter and Dr. Shilpi Jain (Associate professor Subharti Medical College) was elected as joint editor.
  3. Regular and annual educational poster & Model making competition with question & answer session for the students.
  4. Block dissection competition among the students is being organized annually.
  5. Conferences, Workshops and CMEs are being attended regularly by teaching staff along with paper presentation and chairing the session.
  6. The faculty has regular presentations and integrated seminars in the Medical Education Unit of the college.