Learning Objectives of Block/Clinical Postings

1st Block posting
By the end of this posting the student should be able

1. to understand the basics of self management and motivation, including the concept of Johari Window and Maslow’s Hierarchy
2. to appreciate the concept of emotional intelligence.
3. to understand the importance of nutrition as a health promotional measure as well as its role in preventing specific diseases.
4. to understand and explain the nutritive value of common foods like, cereals, pulses as well as vegetables, fruits, milk, and milk products etc.
5. to understand the applied aspect of common Vaccines including UIP as well as optional Vaccines.
6. to understand the Various methods of family welfare planning available in the context of national priorties.
7. to identify the environment and their content.
8. to describe the importance of water & sanitation in human health.
9. to understand the psychosocial aspect of public health problems like alcoholism, HIV/ AIDS, female feticide etc, through role play.
10. to understand and appreciate holistic concept of medical care through the movies like Anand, Patch Adams, Munnabhai M.B.B.S, Bird flu, A beautiful mind, Silent scream etc.
11. to understand and appreciate differences between different channels of communication in small groups though role plays like panel discussion, symposium, workshop, group discussion etc.
12. to understand the practical aspect of occupational health including personal protective devices through demonstration and visits to factories.
13. to understand the role of yoga and meditation in preventing diseases and promoting health (evidence based).
14. to understand & appreciate the health & social problems of under privileged and marginalized people like, lepers living in leper’s home, destitute living in orphanages, and elderly living in old age homes through field visits and discussions so that they may develop empathy and compassion for the have not’s.
2nd & 3rd Block Posting –
By the end of this posting the student should be able
1. to understand how to give preventive, promotive and curative services to the allotted family.
2. to understand the role of environmental factors on health and diseases
• What is over crowding and what are the diseases associated with it. The impact of ill ventilation is appreciated in the field only
• What is the role of attitude, belief and customs in health and diseases.
3. to understand what are the common health problems in a community.
4. to diagnose and manage common nutritional problems at the individual & community level.
5. to diagnose and manage MCH problems and advice a couple and the community on the family welfare planning methods available in the context of the national priorities.
6. to diagnose and manage common health problems at the individual, family and community levels keeping in mind the existing health care resources and in the context of the prevailing socio-cultural beliefs.
7. to plan, implement and evaluate a health education programme with skill to use simple audio-visual aids.
8. to describe the importance of water & sanitation in human health.
9. to apply biostatistical methods and techniques.
10. to list epidemiological methods and describe their application to communicable and non-communicable diseases in the community or hospital situation.
Scheduled Block Postings –
The students are scheduled for block postings as:
• Scheduled 1st block posting in 3rd and 4th semesters.
• Scheduled 2nd block posting in 6th semester.
• Scheduled 3rd block posting in 7th semester.