Laboratory and other facilities in the Department:

Laboratory – The laboratory for undergraduate students is in an area of 200 sq. meters with sitting capacity of 75 students at a time. All the tables are fitted with view boxes for study of skiagrams in estimation of age and other medico legal cases. Microscopes, instruments & specimens are made available at the time of practical/demonstrations.

Post graduate and Research Laboratory- The department has a research laboratory in post graduate wing with Histopathology, Anthropology, Immunology, Biochemistry and Analytical Toxicology sections. These are equipped with modern gadgets including automatic tissue processor, binocular research microscope, spectrophotometer, electrophoresis and chromatography where tissues, bones, blood, semen & other body fluids and poisons are examined for Medicolegal angles.

Clinical Forensic Medicine Section – The department has the facility of medicolegal examinations for age, injury, alcoholic intoxication, sexual offences etc and provides expertise services as and when required.

Library- The department has a spacious library and more than 135 books of Forensic Medicine & allied subjects. One third of the books are of latest edition. The department has a regular subscription of five journals, out of which two are of international publication. The library is also equipped with internet facility.

Museum –The department has a rich museum with more than 500 exhibits (specimens) of medicolegal interest. There are different sections for common poisons; weapons; soft tissue specimens; snakes; bones etc and majority of them are mounted & arranged systematically. There are also has sufficient charts, photographs, models, X-rays plates, & slides to facilitate teaching to the medical students. Catalogues are also available for smooth study.

Mortuary –There is a separate mortuary complex at about 200 meters from the department and hospital. It is equipped with stainless steel autopsy table, modern autopsy instruments including electric saw & computerized weighing machine and also a cooling chamber for storage of 4 dead bodies.