With 13 major operation theatres available including 03 emergency theatres and availability of full time Anaesthesia faculty and residents and infrastructure of a tertiary case center, all types of cases, joint replacements, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, urosurgery, endoscopic, laparoscopic, laser surgeries are undertaken with ease. Fiberoptic intubations, submental intubation, awake intubation, ultrasound guided nerve blocks, paravertebral blocks (for simple mastecloing) are some of the common routine procedure done by Dept. of Anaesthesiology. Pul art catheter canulation and monitoring of PWP has been done in some of the sick surgical patient. Dept. Provides Critical Care services to surgical ICU and also other ICUs including mechanical Ventilatory support. Percutaneous tracheosotomy, central line canulations, potential nutrition and prevention of ventilator associated pneumonias beside other quality indicators like CRBSI. SSI and UTF are some of the point of care to reduce morbidity and mortality.