1. Particular about teaching and non-teaching staff members
S.No. Name Designation
1. Dr. (Brig) S. Sudarsanan Prof. & Head
2. Dr. S. Choudhary Associate Prof.
3. Dr. Sachin Sharma Associate Prof.
4. Dr. Sumit Puri Senior Resident
5. Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Senior Resident
Clinical Psychologists
6. Dr. Surendrapal Bharti Clinical Psychologist
7. Mrs. Vasudha Singh Clinical Psychologist
8. Ms. Soniya Vats Clinical Psychologist
Drug De- Addiction Counselor
9. Mr. Pramod Kumar Pandey Counselor
Psychiatric Social Workers
10. Mr. Bijendra Kumar Psychiatric Social Worker
11. Mr. Sonu Kumar Psychiatric Social Worker
Occupational Therapist
12. Dr. Jitendra Kumar Singh Occupational Therapist
Trained Psychiatry Nursing Staff
13. Mr. G.D.Singh Psy. Nursing Staff
14. Mr. Pawan Kumar Psy. Nursing Staff
15. Ms. Soniya Female Psy. Nursing Staff
Office Staff
16. Mr. Dharamveer Singh Clerk
Lab. Technician
17. Mr. Sushil Sharma Lab. Technician
18. Mr. Deepak Mishra Lab. Technician

2. Labs and available facilities in the department
S.No. Facilities
1. E.C.G.
2. E.E.G.
3. E.C.T.
4. Electro-Sleep
5. Psychological Testing
6. Alcohol Breath Analyzer
7. Biofeed back