The department imparts both undergraduate and post graduate teaching. Department is headed by Professor U.K. Ghosh. He has 35 years of teaching experience and more than 80 publications in renowned international and national journals. A team of young and experienced faculty members ably contribute to undergraduate and post graduate training.

The teaching through extensive lectures, tutorials, clinical postings, seminars and practical training. Postgraduate students in addition have to carry out a thesis project and have collaborative training with the anatomy, physiology, pathology, radiology and paediatrics departments.



S. N. Name Designation
1. Dr. Shashi Prateek Professor & Head
2. Dr. Mamta Tyagi Professor
3. Dr. Poonam Mani Associate Professor
4. Dr. Parul Garg Associate Professor
5. Dr. Smriti Gupta Assistant Professor
6. Dr. Esha Khanuja Assistant Professor
7. Dr. Lalita Yadav Assistant Professor
8. Dr. Pooja Bansal Assistant Professor
9. Dr. Bhawna Kansal Assistant Professor
10. Dr. Archana Swarn Senior Resident
11. Dr. Nidhi Pandey Senior Resident
12. Dr. Vidushi Tyagi Senior Resident
13. Dr. Mukul Barman Senior Resident
14. Dr. Radhika Raturi Assistant Professor
15. Dr. Parima Jain Junior Resident
16. Dr. Neha Verma Junior Resident
17. Dr. Sonam Chaudhary Junior Resident
18. Dr. Diksha Prakash Junior Resident
19. Dr. Eshna Gupta Junior Resident
20. Dr. Geetika Nain Junior Resident
21. Dr. Sonal Agarwal Junior Resident
22. Dr. Ruby Yadav Junior Resident
23. Dr. Arushi Singh Junior Resident
24. Dr. Kumkum Rana Junior Resident
25. Dr. Tuhina Gupta Junior Resident
26. Dr. Yamini Varma Junior Resident