The department of Surgery has highly qualified faculty members numbering seventeen. Our department can boast as one of the best in providing academic training to our students as well as catering to the needs of the patients attending to our hospital. The faculty is also actively involved in research and has to its credit national and international publications in reputed journals.


S. N. Name Designation
1.    Dr. Yashpal Monga Professor & Head
2.    Dr. P. C. Attri Professor
3.    Dr. Sanjay Pandey Professor
4.    Dr. Mukesh Kumar Maheshwari Professor
5.    Dr. Vijay Kr. Agarwal Professor
6.    Dr. Amit Bhatnagar Associate Professor
7.    Dr. Shashank Mishra Associate Professor
8.    Dr. Deepak Kumar Associate Professor
9.    Dr. Dhanesh Kumar Associate Professor
10.    Dr. Sandeep Kansal Associate Professor
11.    Dr. Manu Gupta Assistant Professor
12.    Dr. A. S. Jaggi Assistant Professor
13.    Dr. Rohit Kumar Singh Assistant Professor
14.    Dr. Krishna Murty Assistant Professor
15.    Dr. Zubair Rashid Assistant Professor
16.    Dr. Vipin Kumar Assistant Professor
17.    Dr. Sumit Sharma Senior Resident
18.    Dr. Nitin Parashar Senior Resident
19.    Dr. Vibhu Garg Senior Resident
20.    Dr. Aman Kamra Senior Resident
21.    Dr. Akshay Baid Junior Resident
22.    Dr. Aman Singhal Junior Resident
23.    Dr. Anchal Chauhan Junior Resident
24.    Dr. Himanshu Verma Junior Resident
25.    Dr. Loveneet Dogra Junior Resident
26.    Dr. Prateek Bansal Junior Resident
27.    Dr. Ritin Malik Junior Resident
28.    Dr. Sahil Sharma Junior Resident
29.    Dr. Saloni Mehra Junior Resident
30.    Dr. Shyamantak Srivastava Junior Resident
31.    Dr. Abhishek Singh Junior Resident
32.    Dr. Adarsh Kumar Chauhan Junior Resident
33.    Dr. Aditya Rastogi Junior Resident
34.    Dr. Anshul Vishnoi Junior Resident
35.    Dr. Chetna Khanna Junior Resident
36.    Dr. Ketan Singh Junior Resident
37.    Dr. Manjula Bawa Junior Resident
38.    Dr. Piyush Junior Resident
39.    Dr. Sumit Kumar Kansal Junior Resident
40.    Dr. Vishal Mangla Junior Resident
41.    Dr. Ankit Garg Junior Resident
42.    Dr. Antriksh Srivastava Junior Resident
43.    Dr. Arpan Maurya Junior Resident
44.    Dr. Aviral Tyagi Junior Resident
45.    Dr. Ayush Raj Junior Resident
46.    Dr. Deepanshu Gupta Junior Resident
47.    Dr. Pankaj Kr. Parya Junior Resident
48.    Dr. Prateek Bajpai Junior Resident
49.    Dr. Rahil Singh Junior Resident
50.    Dr. Varun Chandana Junior Resident

Academic activities

The department conducts following activities :

A. Under graduates
1. Lectures
2. Bed side clinics ( Morning & Evening)
3. Integrated seminars ( Vertical & horizontal)
4. Assignments
5. Class tests/MCQs
6. Ward leaving vivas and test of clinical skills
7. Terminals and Professional exams
8. Medical/surgical quiz
9. Seminars, PowerPoint and video presentations.
B. Post graduates
1. Seminars
2. Journal clubs
3. Symposia
4. Case presentations
5. Morbidity clinics
6. Ward rounds
7. Video presentations
8. Faculty presentations
9. Faculty teaching
10. Imparting and improving operative skills under faculty guidance.
11. Log book and Thesis progress assessment