Facilities available in the Department:

Library :
1. The department has a library with approximately 259 Books and 189 Titles
2. Institution is subscribing 3 Internal and 3 National Journals of highest standard for departmental library
3.Facility to attend Library 24 x 6 Hrs

Teaching :
1. Department museum consist of teaching materials in form of radiographs, transparencies, CDs & educational exhibits.
2. Audio visual teaching aids are available for teaching.
3. Internet facility is available.
4. Post graduate seminar in PDF format with subject folders.

Equipment :
1. Twelve X-Ray units are available including portable unit for bedside x-rays.

2. One Dedicated Mammography unit

3. Eight Ultra-sonography Units with biopsy guided and color Doppler with 3D, 4D facilities.

4. One DSA unit for diagnosis and therapeutic angio studies and interventions

5. One CT Scan unit with angio and biopsy facilities and pressure injector

6. One MRI 1.5 Tesla unit with MRA, Spectroscopy, DWI, DTI, fMRI facilities

7. Two Pressure Injectors dedicated for CT and DSA