Events in CSS Hospital April - 2014

Blood Bank


A total of One hundred and twenty one units of blood were collected from replacement/voluntary donors and five hundred and seventeen units of blood were collected fro replacement/voluntary donors and one thousand three hundred twenty five units of blood products were issued to patients, in this month.


Summary Table : Status For The Month Of April - 2014
S.No. Indicator ICTC Clients

(excluding pregnant women)

ICTC Clients

(pregnant women)



1. Total clients registered this month 754 125 879
2. Number of clients receiving pre-test counseling/information 754 125 879
3. Number of clients tested for HIV 732 122 854
4. Number of clients receiving post-test counseling 665 92 757
5. Number of clients receiving HIV Test result 665 92 757
6. Total number of clients tests seropositive (after 3 specified Tests) 09 0 09
7. Number of mother baby pairs receiving nevirapine out of those found positive 0 0 0
8. *Number of ICTC clients referred to DOTS centre (TB microscopy centre) (March 2014) 2 0 2
9. *Number of TB client referred in ICTC from TB microscopy *(March – 2014) 128 0 128
10 *Total number of HIV-TB co-infection detection in month March 2014 0 0 0

*Monthly report of HIV-TB co-infection will be submitted of one month back from now onwards as the cases which are referred from ICTC to RNTCP take atleast one month to get diagnosed for tuberculosis and their report can only be submitted after one month.

Department of Pulmonary Medicine:

A total of 260 patients were examined out of which 53 patients were found sputum positive. Out of 53 patients, 25 patients referred out of District, 05 patient put on DOTS, 18 patients referred with in District and 05 patients has taken treatment from outside in the month of April 2014. Total patients (New) put on DOTS in Subharti Medical College = 08 (Sputum positive + Extra pulmonary patients).