Conventional X-Ray Units :
1. One 800 mA HF with motorized table (Allenger) and IITV
2. Three 500 mA HF (Siemens and Allengers with motorized table and IITV-Two )
3. One 300 mA (Wipro GE) with fluoroscopy unit with two tables (one motorized, one manual)
4. Eight 100 mA Portable X-Ray units (Wipro GE & Biomax)

800 mA HF X-Ray Unit

500 mA X-Ray Unit with IITV
Utilized for Conventional Radiology, Uro-radiology and Gastrointestinal Radiology, and other miscellaneous procedures in diagnostic radiology
- One dedicated Mammography unit (GE Senograph 800T) mammography work

Mammography-Senograph 800T

USG Units:
1. Toshiba Aplio XG 4D Color Doppler unit with 5 probes including volume, HRS & TVS

2. Toshiba Nemio XG Color Doppler unit with 3 probes including HRS & TVS

3. Samsung-Medison Accuvix A30,color Doppler unit with 5 probes including volume,HRS,TVS

4. Samsung-Medison SonoAce X8 Color Doppler unit Three probes including HRS & TVS

5. Logique3 USG Color Doppler unit with general purpose probe, HF linear and TVS probe

6. Logique Book XP Color Doppler with 3.5 & 10 MHz linear HRS Probe

7. L & T (SONATA) with mono display with 3.5 & 7.5 MHz Probe

8. L & T (SONATA) with mono display with 3.5 MHz Probe

Nemio XG Color Doppler

Logique 3 Color Doppler

Logique Book XP Color Doppler

Toshiba Applio Color Doppler

Samsumg Accivix A30 Color Doppler
• Conventional USG and HRS for small parts like Breast, Thyroid, Scrotum, Eye & Trans-cranial
• Ultrasound-guided biopsy and interventional procedures
• Color Doppler ultrasound
• Elastography

CT scanner:
1. SPIRAL–Single slice HDe Plus (GE Medical Systems, USA) with pressure injector (Angiomat)

HDe Plus CT scanner with Pressure injector
• Diagnostic CT scan of head/body
• Denta Scan
• 3D-CT studies for cranio-vertebral junction and other body parts
• CT guided Biopsies and drainage procedures

HDe Signa 1.5 Tesla MRI - 8 Channel with all practical purpose coils (GE Medical Systems,USA)

HDe Signa 1.5 Tesla MRI Unit
• Diagnostic head and spine studies
• Diagnostic musculoskeletal studies
• MR angiography
• Functional imaging and DWI, DTI studies
• MR spectroscopy (MRS)
• All other applications to whole body imaging

CR System:
• CR 850 DIRECT VIEW (KODAK) and DW 6800,8100 for CT,MRI,CR systems(Kodak)

CR System with Dry View Camera
For Digital Radiography work

• Alfa Impulse DSA System with Angiography Table (Philips) with dual head pressure injector