Pediatrics patients are seen in the OPD complex which has the following layout
1. Play & Waiting area 2. Reception & Record
3. Teaching room 4. Immunization room
5. Well baby room 6. OPD 1 with 4 Pt. Ex. Cubical
7. OPD 2 8. Sample collection room
9. Sample collection room 10. Rehabilitation room
11. Speciality OPD room
1. H.O.D room 2. Library & Museum
3. Waiting room 4. Office
5. Associate Prof. & Assistant Professor room 6. Professor room
7. Resident room 8. Departmental seminar room
9. Pantry room

We give immunization for all essential and latest non essential vaccines in the department.
There are Speciality OPDs running everyday for the following subspecialties.
DAY Speciality OPDs
MON Epilepsy clinic and Endocrinology clinic
TUES Cardiology Clinic
WED Neurology clinic and Gastroentrology clinic
THUS Nephrology and Hematology clinic
FRI High risk clinic
SAT Pulmonology
The Pediatric Department has Intensive Care Units for both neonates and the older children (NICU AND PICU). The ICU’s and the pediatric ward and nursery are well equipped and have a heavy inpatient load. The patients are provided with state of art care by dedicated and experienced pediatricians.
NICU and the Nursery
The layout of NICU and Nursery is as follows.


All treatment and procedures in the Nursery are being done as per latest protocols of the Neonatal Neonatology forum


Equipments Available In The Nursery & NICU
S.N. Name Equipment
1. Radiant warmers
2. Double surface phototherapy
3. Single surface phototherapy
4. Ventilator
5. Pulse oximeters
6. Syringe infusion pump
7. Bilimeter
8. NIBP with SpO2 monitor
9. FiO2 monitor
10. Central O2 / air/ suction supply
11. Multipara monitors
12. Cold Light source
13. NEO PUFF T-Piece resuscitator
14. CPAP
15. Echocardiograpy
16. Bed side USG
17. Breast pump
18. Endoscopy
19. Bed side X-ray
20. Laminar flow
21. Glucometer
22. Electronic weighing machine


We are giving optimal and state of art care in the NICU by different gadgets as the ventilator, T-piece resuscitator, Multipara monitor and overhead radiant warmers.

Some procedures being done in the nursery include:
Ventilation, Arterial line insertion, blood gas sampling, exchange transfusion etc.


There is a PICU attach to the beds in the Pediatrics Ward. The ward complex layout is as follows;


The Six bedded PICU caters to intensive care of severely sick patients. There are facilities for pediatric ventilation, blood gas monitoring, non invasive monitoring by Multipara monitors for the patients. The patients comprise of a range of clinical disorders and provide excellent clinical material for students to learn medicine. Procedures done routinely in the department include- lumbar pucture, bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, liver biopsy etc.


EQUIPMENTS AND INSTRUMENTS available in Pediatric Wards & PICU
There is a PICU attach to the beds in the Pediatrics Ward. The ward complex layout is as follows;
S.N. Name Equipment
1. Nebulizer
2. Syringe Infusion pumps
3. Ventilators
4. Defibrillator
6. Pulse Oximeter
7. Multipara Monitor
8. Glucometer
9. Electronic Weighing Machine
10. Oxygen cylinder
11. Facility for Blood gas analysis present in the Institution
12. Endoscopy
13. Bedside USG & Echocardiography