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The CRS have 7 laboratories (Molecular Biology Lab, Molecular Genetics Lab, Mammalian Cell Culture Room, Imaging Lab, Molecular and Immunodiagnostic Lab, Protein Biochemistry Lab and Bio-Analytical Instrumentation Lab, sterilization room, washing room, conference room which are well equipped with advanced instruments and facilities.

Molecular Biology Laboratory: Thermo Cycler, Deep Freezer (-80°C), Cooling Centrifuge, Table Top Microfuge, Laminar Air Flow, Gel Doc System, U.V. Trans-illuminator, Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Units, Microwave Oven, Digital Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirrer, Digital Dry Bath, Simple Hot Plate, Inoculation Hood, Electronic pH Meter, Electronic Balance, etc.

Molecular Genetics and Mammalian Cell Culture Laboratory: Picogene Spectrophotometer, Nucleic Acid Extractor, Real Time PCR, Fume Hood, CO2 Incubator, Laminar Flow Hood, Centrifuge, etc.

Molecular and Immunodiagnostic Laboratory: ELISA Reader and ELISA Washer, Flame Photometer, Incubator, Electronic Balance, Water Purification System: (RO System), Autoclave, Deep Freeze (-20oC), Refrigerator, Water Baths, Centrifuge, Vortex Mixer, etc.

Imaging Laboratory: Fluorescent Microscope, Dark Ground Microscope, Phase Contrast Microscope, etc.

Protein Biochemistry Laboratory: Automated Electrophoresis Units, Trinocular Light Microscope with Attached Camera, centrifuge, etc.

Bio-Analytical Instrumentation Laboratory: Centrifuge, Vortex Mixer, Colori Meter, Electronic pH Meter, Spectrophotometer, etc.
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