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Academic Programmes

The Central Research Station has started the Ph.D., M.Sc. and P.G. Diploma and Certificate programmes in various techniques in the session 2014-15.

Ph.D. (Molecular Cell Biology/ Molecular Medicine/Medical Biotechnology/ Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology/ Molecular Biology and Biotechnology/ Molecular Medicine/ Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology/ Experimental Medicine and Biotechnology)
M.Sc. (Molecular Cell Biology and Medical Biotechnology / Molecular Biology and Biotechnology/ Medical Biotechnology/ Molecular Medicine /Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Biology/ Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine / Stem Cell Biology)
P.G. Diploma (Animal Cell and Tissue Culture Technology, Molecular Cell Biology and Medical Biotechnology, Basic Medical Research Technology, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Medical Biotechnology)
Certificate Course in various Techniques (Mammalian Cell Culture Technology, Karyotyping, PCR and Real Tine PCR, Gene Cloning, Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Protein Expression and Purification, Agarose and SDS Electrophoresis)
Training for 3-6 Months

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